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6 Quick Tips Regarding Protein Treatment Benefits

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Short hair, long hair strands, broken pieces of hair all over the floor, in your comb and on your shoulders. You sweep them up in a pile and in your anguish, you have a handful! This hair is slowing your hair progress. It is affecting your hair journey. How can you put an end to this seemingly uncontrollable hair loss? The solution: a protein treatment. You have heard they are good at stopping breakage. But you have also heard bad things about protein. Now here come the real deal.

Hair Breakage and protein treatments
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1. What Are Protein Treatments - Why Use Them?

Protein treatments are intensive hair treatments that build onto the hair shaft filling gaps in the hair cortex making it thicker and stronger when it is damaged. The hair cortex (inner part of hair) and the cuticle (outside part of the hair) become damaged just simply caring for it -- combing, brushing, chemicals, colorings etc. They all weaken hair which causes breakage.

Protein treatments are the only way to repair damaged hair by bonding to the hair cortex increasing the thickness of the hair. My research over the last 30 years, revealed that hair is over 90% protein and there is nothing in this world that can become part of your hair except another protein.

2. Eating Protein Does Not Help Our Hair

There are numerous DIY protein concoctions that include honey, avocados, mayonnaise and eggs that promise results, but they all fall short because they don’t contain enough adequate ingredients to affect and immediately repair severely damaged hair.

Eating a lot of protein and taking protein tablets is also not adequate because when hair needs protein it has to be applied externally, not internally.

3. Finding The BEST Protein Treatment

Protein treatments on the market are plentiful and you can even find Top 10 lists of protein treatments on the internet. (They are nothing more than Top 10 opinion lists.) I have used both Nexxus Emergencee and Aphogee during my 30 year hair research phase. Note: Nexxus Treatment Masque seems to address the same issues as Nexxus Emergencee. However, because of its immediate benefit, my pick for the "BEST" treatment is Aphogee. Ranked "BEST" because it immediately stopped my hair breakage.

Aphogee and Nexxus Protein Treatments
Aphogee Vs Nexxus Protein Treatment

4. How Often Should You Use Aphogee Protein Treatment?

The package says use it every 6 weeks, HOWEVER, it is not necessary to wait 6 weeks to use it.

-Use it when you have a lot of breakage to stop it immediately.

-If you are still using relaxers, use Aphogee before you relax your hair or after, and in between times.

-The reason you don’t want to use it ALL the time is because your hair will be hard ALL the time.

Common Questions About Protein Treatments

Is it okay to use styling products with protein?

Protein makes your hair hard purposely.

The best application of protein is when it is put on wet hair, allowed to dry hard, then rinsed out. Putting protein on your hair daily in styling products is not recommended.

Can you follow a protein treatment with a deep conditioner?

After a protein treatment, you already have enough protein in your hair. You CAN follow a protein treatment with a conditioner ONLY if it is not a deep conditioner that contains protein.

After a protein treatment you need oils to soften your hair, so it is recommended you use an oil moisturizer instead of a conditioner. Aphogee sells a Balancing Moisturizer with their 2 Step Protein Treatment but it is not recommended because it does not contain the proper balance of oils afro textured hair needs after the treatment.

-We recommend UBH Satin Crème moisturizer after a protein treatment.

5. What To Expect When You Use Protein

Aphogee is stinky, sticky, messy and time consuming. You can apply it with a spray bottle or just pour in your hand and quickly put on your hair. It is not recommended pouring on your head as it runs down on the scalp. Aphogee is a hair treatment not a scalp treatment.

After application, the product has to dry hard on your hair so put a towel around your shoulders to catch drips. You can sit under a hooded drier to speed up the process, or allow it to dry naturally.

DO NOT apply a plastic cap during the drying.

6. Does Too Much Protein Cause Protein Overload?

Stay tuned to this blog for the answer to that question in another post.

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